Google Adwords

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising with an ad displayed in accordance with web page content and context. Contextual advertising is selective and is displayed to the web page visitors, whose area of interest potentially matches with the theme of the advertised goods or services and target audience, which increases the probability of their response to advertising.

How We Work

  •      1.  Analysis of your sphere of business and its competitors.

  • We compose a semantic kernel (thematic key phrases which your products or services are searched for). We compare the amount of people, who reach the site (from Google statistics) to other statistical databases. We also predict the approximate budget and duration of advertising campaign.

2.  Planning of advertising campaign.

  • Grouping search queries and selecting the required types of conformity.
  • Picking up and evaluating landing pages.
  • Choosing negative keywords.
  • Client’s approval of texts of advertisements.

3.  Adjustment of advertising campaign (we need 2 to 5 working days).

  • Creating AdWords account.

  • Choosing a target audience.

  • Setting up the platform.

  • Installing Google Analytics system.

  • Setting up system reports.

  • Setting up remarketing codes.

  • Adjustment of rates.

     4.  Site analysis.

We develop a methodology of evaluation the results of advertising company and configure the targets (e-commerce) after discussion with the client. If necessary, our programmer can make needed changes to the site.

We check and adjust advertising campaign on a daily basis during our cooperation. The results showing increasing number of visitors and achieved goals will be visible within a month. We will contact you on all the issues needed to adjust. Detailed analytical reports showing the effectiveness and campaign improvement recommendations will be send in a monthly basis.

Advantages of Contextual Advertising

  • Fast start - 2 to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the campaign.

  • Exact target. Ads are shown to people, who are really interested in particular goods and services. One can specify a city, key words (and the words he/she does not want to be displayed for), time of displaying.

  • The result. You pay only after client visits your site.

  • Flexibility. Advertising text, configurations and budget can be changed at any time. Ads can also be suspended.

  • Transparent costs. Advertising budget is predicted before start of the work.

  • Control and user-friendly reports. Ad performance statistics is updated several times per week.