SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization of websites is one of the most effective tools for attracting new customers and increasing sales nowadays. It replaced traditional advertising variations due to its rich functionality. Familiar for us advertisements, such as outdoor advertisement, radio, television, and print mass media have climbed down and very often they just do not justify the investments and efforts. The main reason of bad payback of such methods lies in a reference to the diverse audience that may be out of target. Keywords SEO optimization is a special kind of advertising, as the buyers look for it themselves.

The cost of increasing sales service calculates separately for each case. Expenditures usually include:

  • • Costs of on-page optimization.
  • • Monthly payments for search promotion.
  • • Prices of web audit.
  • • Usability research.
  • • Related expenses connected with necessary modifications in the site.

You may also need services of placing blog and online communities advertisements, writing articles and paid posting on popular resources.

Sales growth from the website will be noticeable within 3-4 months. Is takes such amount of time for long tail and mid tail keywords to get into top 10 of search engine rankings. In a year the website traffic growth by means of search engine promotion will be close to the maximum.

We are focused on a long-term cooperation with our customers. They are required to fully trust the advertising of their company to us. We have accumulated enough experience in the area of advertising sites of various subjects. We work on each client’s site, as on our own, using all our bundle of knowledge and experience. SEO specialist, contextual advertiser, programmer, usability-specialist and personal manager will do their best to make invested money work on the growth of your business and regular income.

Some companies can attract your attention with the offers like this “20 Guaranteed Sales per Week for $800 per Month.” It sounds very tempting. But, unfortunately, this is only another trick. We can not guarantee a particular amount of sales in a month, as it is predeterminedly unachievable result. But we can assume an approximate increase of website traffic with the help of search promotion and we will do our best to make your investments profitable.

Study and analysis of website traffic and its audience, the constant expansion of the key words list, adding of content and link building will significantly increase the amount of site sales and number of loyal customers. Our most significant aim is to make your site a brand name, that will be directly associated with the service.

We are sure the future of online advertising lies in complex site promotion. The number of Internet-users in Ukraine, who buy goods and services online increases on a regular monthly basis. Our company is always engaged in interesting and long-term projects. We prefer working on the projects requiring efforts and bringing tangible result for our customers.

Do not put away your sales for tomorrow.